Brewer's Best® Equipment

Equipment Kits

Contains everything a beginning brewer needs to make beer except boiling pot, bottles and caps.


• Primary Fermenter
• Carboy*
• Carboy Brush*
• Bottling Bucket
• Capper
• Bottle Filler
• Plastic Paddle*
• Bottling Spigot

• Easy Clean
• Econo-Lock
• Thermometers
• Hydrometer
• Siphon Hose
• Bottle Brush
• Lid
• Auto-Siphon

• 20 Quart Brew Pot
• Test Jar
• IO Star
• Plastic Spoon
• Cider Crown Caps
• Carbonation Drops
• Book

* Included in Deluxe and PET Kits Only. Contents of kit will vary, please see label on kits for actual contents list.

Primary and Secondary Fermenter Parts
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6.5 Gallon Primary Fermenter

A 6.5 gallon bucket without a hole used for primary fermentation. Transfer your cooled wort into the primary fermenter. Clean and sanitize before use.

Lid With Grommet

This lid is interchangeable between your primary fermenter and bottling bucket. When fermenting, the econo-lock should be tightly seated into the black grommet by twisting the stem into the hole of the grommet. The lid should be tightly affixed around the entire rim of the bucket.

Tip: Wetting the grommet will allow the econo-lock stem to easily twist into the grommet.


A clear, plastic, 3-piece airlock that allows CO2 to escape from your primary and secondary fermenter. Keep the airlock filled halfway with water during use.

Secondary Fermenter

(Deluxe and BeAst Kit Only)

A 5 gallon glass or PET carboy used for secondary fermentation. After your beer has been in the primary fermenter for 5 to 7 days, transfer it into the secondary fermenter. For PET carboys, be careful not to scratch the interior of the plastic carboy to avoid sanitation problems.

Carboy Bung

(Deluxe and BeAst Kit Only)

A cream-white, tapered bung with a hole to seat the econo-lock. The bung should be firmly seated into the opening of the carboy.

Plastic Spoon

(Cider House Select™ Kit Only)

24" plastic spoon used for stirring cider, the small paddle on the opposite end allows you to stir in a carboy.