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These 6 gallon cider recipes are deliciously packed full of flavor. Whether you're looking for an ice cold, refreshing drink during the hot summer months or looking to warm up during the cooler autumn and winter, Cider House Select® ciders are a perfect choice for anytime of the year. Each kit makes 6 gallon of cider (approx. 64-12 oz. glasses). All Cider House Select Kits are gluten free!

cherry cider


mango Peach cider


Apple cider


mixed berry cider


cranberry apple cider


Pineapple cider


spiced apple cider


strawberry pear cider


Pear cider


raspberry lime cider


Cider House Select® Flavor Enhancers

If you like Orchards Edge™, Angry Orchard®'s innovative line of ciders flavored with spices and oak aged, then you'll love Cider House Select® Flavor Enhancers. We have crafted three exciting flavor enhancers that can be added easily to any Cider House Select® Kit during secondary fermentation for a truly unique flavor experience.

Hopped citrus slam


ginger jammer


oaky d'oaky


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Find A Brewer's Best Retailer Near You