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- I've tried one other brand than Brewers Best, big mistake!!  You guys have the best, most detailed instructions and the end product is the always top notch. 

-Jim R.



-  I just wanted to say thank you.  I picked up an IPA kit from my local homebrew supply store for my first ever attempt at home-brewing.  With very little experience I was able to make a fantastic beer.  The instructions were easy to follow and thorough, which really makes for an enjoyable experience.  Now I am looking forward to trying additional mixes.  I just wanted to drop yall a note thanking you for making such a quality and easy to use product for the novice.  Cheers. 

-Jake P

Tulsa, OK


- I have had great, and delicious results with your IPA and Summer Ale kits. Have your Enlgish Brown Ale bottled, and can't wait to tap it in a few days. Brewed your Witbier kit last Sunday, and it's frementing just fine. Maybe someday I will graduate to all-grain brewing, but for now I'm really happy with what I'm getting.


Potsdam, NY


- I am a newbie at home brewing. Working my third brew, a Russian imperial stout. Experienced my first blow off: lid clear off the primary fermenter. Contacted BrewersBest. Shawn responded. He gave excellent advice, told me what to do and expect. Since then a couple more questions about this process and he has been VERY prompt in his replies and EXTREMELY helpful!. Wish all business understood this type of customer service!


Florissant, MO


- Hi guys, Great job, I really appreciate your product and have always been impressed with the quality of beer the kits make. I am about to start my third batch of Brewer\'s Best, a Dunkelweizen extract kit.

Mike C.

Toronto, ON


- I have brewed the Robust Porter, American Pale Ale, Cream Ale, and Kolsch. I must say that these are excellent kits to get someone in to brewing. Excellent job Brewer's Best®!!!

-Elliot M.

Richmond, VA



- I have brewed a number of your kits, as well as been a taste tester on a number of kits brewed by a friend. I have made original recipes and clones, but to me nothing beats your Rye Pale Ale kit! I have brewed it twice and am not disappointed at all. It has become my beer of choice around the house!

-David J

Chaplin, CT



-Thank you so much! Just finished my first batch ever, using your American Cream Ale kit. Not only am I hooked on the hobby, I just drank the best beer ever! If you can teach an old Wyoming Cowboy like me to be a brewmaster then anyone can make great beer with one of your ktis. You got me started and I have another Brewer's Best® batch already in the fermentation bucket. Cheers!

-James U.

Cheyenne, WY


-My local stores is great with questions on these kits. I am very new to this and thus far my experience has been fantastic. I had questions and sent in a request. Shawn got back to be very quickly and has helped me a ton. The kits are so easy to make. The product is fantastic. Wish you had a spot to upload pictures. In 5 weeks I will have 192 bottles from 4 different kits! Thank you so much!

-Shane Ancefsky

Rochester, NY


-The quality of the kits are awesome. Everything is so easy to do. I can't wait to drink the Belgian Golden Ale! Keep up the good work. I will be brewing the Double IPA very soon!

Josh T.

Findlay, OH


- I have been brewing my own beer for the past year and have tried many suppliers ingredient kits in addition to Brewer's Best®. I believe that you have the best kits. You use quality ingredients and everything you need is included. Your instructions are thorough, well written and easy to follow. Even you caps are better. Thank you!

-Tom Brown

Westfield, NY


-The Brewer's Best® is truly the best. They have easy directions, great ingredients, and the final product is always great. I recommend these kits to all of my friends who are becoming home brewers.

-John G.

Omaha, NE


- I've brewed about fifteen of your beers and everyone has turned out fantastic... and that's the opinion of me and my friends who have tried my beers as well. Several friends have asked my assistance on starting to brew and I always tell them to Brewer's Best®. Thank you.

-Charles Glaser

Stamford, CT


- "Hat's off to Brewer's Best® on their Pumpkin Spice Porter, better then anything in the store coolers. Will do it every year!

-Dan M.


- Over the past few years home brewing has gone from a fun hobby of mine, to something about which I am truly passionate. One consistent thing through the many brews I've done has been LD Carlson and their Brewer's Best® brand. Never once have I experienced so much as a faulty yeast packet. The malt extracts always produce the taste and color I'm looking for, and I'm a huge fan of HopUnion products in the kits. It's great to know that my local home brew shop carries a consistent product, and I can be sure that I'll reach my desired brew.

-Christopher J. Sacharok


- I had a great experience with my first attempt at home brewing! Your kit was complete and the directions were idiot proof! Thanks for a great product!!!

-The Backyard Pioneer



- I recently purchased a Belgian saison kit. I tweaked the recipe a bit and added 3/4 lbs of honey malt, 1 lb of fresh honey and 2 oz of fresh basil (at flame out). I then dry hopped with an oz of sorachi ace during the secondary. I was so pleased with the results that I entered it in my first competition and took 1st place overall out of 4 styles. Thanks for providing a solid kit to build my own unique beer on!

-Stephen L.

Philadelphia, PA



- I was ordering my kits through MidWest Supplies and paid hefty shipping prices as I wasn't thrilled with Brewer's Best® Website. The BB site has since upgraded tremendously so I purchased my first BB kit from a local retailer. I was thrilled to find the caps included with kit (nice little addition) since Midwest doesn't. I brewed the Oatmeal Stout recipe and was AMAZED by the outcome. I'm glad I switched over to BB!

-Eric M

Dallas, PA


- Your products ROCK!! I'm new to the brewing game, but I have to say your kits make brewing beer fun, and enjoyable! Looking forward to the next great brew!! Thanks

-Michael S.


- I love Brewer's Best®! Your kits are affordable and delicious, haven't had a bad batch yet!



- Just want to let you know I am a satisfied customer. In the past three years I've used seven of your kits and all of them turned out great. The Continental Pilsner is my favorite because I enjoy Pilsner and European style beers. When I visit with friends of mine that live in Germany he is amazed at the quality of the Pilsner that I make, he says it is every bit as good as the Urquell Pilsner. Your kits consistently of very high quality, keep up the good work!

-Thomas K.


- Let me start out by saying that I love Brewer's Best® kits. I have been homebrewing for 4+ years, I've made a lot of beer using your kits and have always had great results and have gotten high praise from those I have shared with my friends.

-Bill Z.

Addison, IL


- Hi, while on holiday I purchased a Brewer's Best® kit and found it to be the best kit I have ever used.

-Peter D.

United Kingdom


- I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your product! I loved my American Amber that I brewed! Awesome beer and others love it too!! Thank you so much!!

-Sean R.

Commerce Township, MI


- I would like to start off by saying I love Brewers Best kits. They are easy to follow and create a great finished product. Thank you for finally posting different spins on your kits. It is nice to see Brewers Best giving proper ways to mix up an already great recipe.

-Jason B.

Ashland, OH


- You guys are great! keep up the good work in your responses to e-mails. It's vital to a new brewer like me to know I'm doing things the right way. We will always buy your kits!


Troy, NC


- I have purchased at least 10 different BB kits over the past year, and have truly enjoyed the various beer styles, not to mention the ease of convenience of the BB kits.

-Sherief G.

Monument, CO.


- I've tried many other extract kits and feel your products offer the best in taste, ease of success, and value. Thank you!

-Rich S.

Fowlerville, MI


- First time using a Brewer's Best® kit, German Altbier, I'm very satisfied with the packaged product, directions, and brewing this batch. Can't wait to start the next one. Thank you!

-RJ M.

Middletown, NY


- I just did a Russian Imperial Stout kit of yours and I was so happy that I did. Overall the directions were super easy to follow and spot on with what to do. Now the problem is what to brew next! LOL. Thanks again, you guys ROCK!!

-Edwin D

Waterloo, IL




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