Brewer's Best® One Gallon Recipes


Each kit makes 1 gallon of beer

(approx. 10-12 oz. glasses)


Brewer's Best® is proud to offer a line of one gallon ingredient kits. Everything you need to craft your best brew is here, packaged into these small batch kits! Be sure that you have the right tools for the job by grabbing a Brewer's Best® One Gallon Equipment Kit.


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American Brown Ale

Our brown ale is slightly hoppier than its English counterpart. Imported Aroma and Brown specialty malts bring an intense sweet caramel and nutty flavor with notes of biscuit and fruit. The mediumdry finish lingers on the palate with aromas of malt and hops.


IBUs: 31 - 35 ABV: 4.9% - 5.5% Difficulty: Easy
American Classic

This recipe uses the traditional combination of pilsner malt and rice
adjuncts. It is light-bodied, refreshing and thirst quenching. A very easy recipe to brew and an excellent entry to craft brewing.


IBUs: 6 - 10 ABV: 3.5% - 4.0% Difficulty: Easy
American Red Ale

A medium-light bodied ale with a deep red hue. Our Red Ale is
smooth and easy drinking. Nice balance of caramel malts and low hop bitterness creates a refreshing brew.


IBUs: 25 - 29 ABV: 4.9% - 5.5% Difficulty: Easy
American Wheat

Wheat malt and select hops create the recipe for this easy-drinking summertime classic. Light-bodied with a smooth finish, our Wheat Beer features an authentic dry wheat yeast.


IBUs: 18 - 22 ABV: 3.8% - 4.3% Difficulty: Easy
Belgian Saison

A light bodied, effervescent ale with warm malty flavors and a slight orange hue from the steeping grains. The included Belgian style yeast strain completes this farmhouse style ale by contributing a spicy and peppery background.


IBUs: 23 - 27 ABV: 5.1% - 5.6% Difficulty: Easy

Belgian Tripel

Our Tripel contains light candi sugar to create a high gravity beer that is golden in color with a creamy, white head. This kit has plenty of dried malt extract and specialty grains to accent its complexity. The hops create a mild, spicy character.


IBUs: 32 - 36 ABV: 8.5% - 9.0% Difficulty: Easy
Chocolate Chili Stout

This full-bodied, dark brew showcases a roasted aroma profile with a rich chocolate flavor, subtle raisin notes and a spicy kick. Enjoy young and the heat will be subtle. Allow time to age for a more intense heat. This beer provides the perfect blend of sweet and heat.


IBUs: 29 - 33 ABV: 4.8% - 5.3% Difficulty: Easy
Chocolate Stout

This full-bodied brew showcases a roasted aroma profile with a rich, chocolate flavor courtesy of the cacao nibs. Sweet caramel and medium hop bitterness round out this chocolatey delight.


IBUs: 36 - 40 ABV: 4.9% - 5.5% Difficulty: Easy
Extra IPA - Hop Rotator

Featuring Amarillo hops

This Extra IPA - Hop Rotator Series recipe is designed to showcase the flavor and aromatic qualities of the specially selected hops. Munich malt lends a malty sweetness while the special hop blend dominates the palate. The hops in this kit will change periodically keeping the flavor new and exciting.

IBUs: 61 - 65 ABV: 6.3% - 6.8% Difficulty: Easy

Grapefruit IPA

Our grapefruit IPA is brewed using real grapefruit peel and natural grapefruit flavoring to enhance the citrusy notes of the select hops. A light, maltysweet character rounds out this glass of tropical bliss!



IBUs: 41 - 45 ABV: 5.0% - 5.5% Difficulty: Easy

Imperial IPA

Not for the faint-of-heart, this beer is very big and very hoppy. Tons
of mouth-feel and a malty sweet taste is well balanced by the high
bitterness. Late kettle addition hops provide an intense spice and pine characteristic with subtle notes of grapefruit at the nose.


IBUs: 68 - 72 ABV: 7.0% - 7.6% Difficulty: Easy
Imperial Stout

This full-bodied dark brew has an intense roast flavor with a huge
malt influence. The hop bitterness is offset by a touch of sweetness
from the big malt character. Give this beer some time to mature and
consider using an oak alternative for added complexity.


IBUs: 58 - 62 ABV: 8.1% - 8.6% Difficulty: Easy

We use plenty of hops to accent this popular style. From the bittering
to the flavoring to the aroma hops, we created the perfect balance for
this clean, crisp brew.


IBUs: 56 - 60 ABV: 6.0% - 6.5% Difficulty: Easy

Kölsch is a crisp, clean, easy-drinking ale. It has a strawyellow hue similar to a pilsner, but is less hoppy, a bit sweeter and uses pilsen malt and a small amount of wheat. In order to achieve the lager-like characteristics this ale is famous for, we recommend using a liquid Kölsch yeast (not included). Ask your retailer for details. 


IBUs: 18 - 22 ABV: 3.6% - 4.7% Difficulty: Easy
Mandarina Pale Ale

Medium-bodied and bursting with aromas of citrus fruits, courtesy of German Mandarina Bavaria hops. A refreshingly hoppy brew with the perfect amount of malt character for balance. A late kettle addition of Super Citraid adds tones of freshly peeled oranges. 


IBUs: 35 - 39 ABV: 4.0% - 4.6% Difficulty: Easy
Mosaic® IPA

We use generous amounts of Mosaic® hops in this flavorful IPA. The complex array of tropical fruit, citrus and mixed-berry flavors from one of our favorite hop varieties is well balanced by a light, malty profile. A brew that is sure to leave your taste buds excited and thirsty for more. 


IBUs: 56 - 60 ABV: 6.0% - 6.5% Difficulty: Easy
Orange Gose

Our Orange Gose is a tart wheat ale with background notes of coriander and salt. Pilsner and wheat malt account for the base beer and the addition of natural orange flavoring complements its already slight fruitiness. This is a bright, crisp beer with light sourness and very refreshing flavor.


IBUs: 4 - 8 ABV: 4.2% - 4.7% Difficulty: Easy
Pale Ale

Perhaps the most widely brewed American style ale. Moderately
strong hop aroma and bitterness. Pale ale malt base provides deep
gold, almost amber, color and medium-bodied mouthfeel.


IBUs: 32 - 36 ABV: 4.7% - 5.2% Difficulty: Easy
Peanut Butter Brown

A medium bodied, sweet, malty beer with a strong peanut butter flavor and aroma. Crystal and chocolate malts create a rich, brown color while our natural peanut butter flavor provides a unique taste experience.


IBUs: 14 - 18 ABV: 3.8% - 4.3% Difficulty: Easy
Pineapple Honey Wheat

A honey-like sweetness and tropical tones from all natural pineapple
flavoring enhance this classic wheat beer recipe. Light bodied and
refreshing, this brew is truly an easy-drinker.


IBUs: 16 - 20 ABV: 3.6% - 4.2% Difficulty: Easy

A classic dark ale featuring chocolate specialty grains. A nice, hoppy
character is balanced well against this roasty, full-bodied beer.



IBUs: 39 - 43 ABV: 4.8% - 5.3% Difficulty: Easy
Raspberry Golden Ale

A Belgian Strong Ale base with specially selected yeast creates a
predominant amount of fruity esters that pairs well with all natural
raspberry flavoring. Although higher in gravity, this brew has a light
to medium body that keeps it refreshing while still packing a punch!


IBUs: 21 - 25 ABV: 8.4% - 8.9% Difficulty: Easy
Smokey Stout

Favorable aromas of smoke and rich roasted coffee combine nicely to create a truly distinct tasting brew. Enjoy!



IBUs: 39 - 43 ABV: 4.8% - 5.3% Difficulty: Easy

Tangerine Wheat

A refreshing fruit wheat beer recipe infused with natural tangerine flavoring extract. Effervescent carbonation and citrusy notes excite the palate, creating a satisfying brew that will let you enjoy the taste of summer all year long!


IBUs: 10 - 14 ABV: 3.5% - 4.0% Difficulty: Easy